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Cricket, the national summer sport of England, is practiced all over the world, including Australia, India, Pakistan, the West Indies and the British Isles.

Cricket is played with a bat and a ball and involves two teams (teams) of 11 players. The field is oval with a rectangular area in the middle, called height, which is 22.12 meters wide by 3.04 meters wide. Two sets of three sticks, called wickets, are placed in the ground at each end of the field. On the top of each window there are horizontal pieces called bails. Teams play alternately batting and bowling (pitching); each turn is called a “sleeve” (always plural). The teams each have one or two rounds, depending on the predetermined duration of the match, the object being to score the greatest number of points. The bowlers, delivering the ball with a right arm, try to break the box with the ball so that the balls fall. This is one of the ways that the drummer is sent back or expelled. A bowler delivers six balls to a wicket (thus completing an “over”), then a different player on his side plays six balls at the opposite wicket. The batting side defends his wicket. Do You Know Today Match Prediction

Today Match Prediction Afg vs Aus Match 4 Who Wil Win Today Cwc19

There are two drummers at once, and the drummer rolling (the striker) tries to hit the ball away from the box. A shot may be defensive or offensive. A defensive shot can protect the box, but does not give drummers time to run to the opposite box. In this case, the drummers do not need to run and the game will resume with another bowl. If the drummer can make an offensive stroke, he and the second drummer (the non-attacker) at the other counter change their place. Whenever both drummers can reach the opposite counter, a point is scored. Provided they have enough time without being caught off guard and fired, the drummers can continue to cross between the wickets, which entitles them to an extra run each time they reach the opposite side. There is an outer limit around the cricket ground. A ball struck at the limit or beyond it scores four points if it hits the ground and then reaches the limit, six points if it reaches the air limit (flying ball). The team with the most points wins a match. If both teams are unable to finish their number of innings before the time runs out, the match is declared a draw. Scores per hundred are common to cricket. India Vs Pakistan Today Match Prediction

Cricket matches can range from informal weekend afternoons on village greens to top-level international competitions spread over five days in test matches and played by leading professional players in major stadiums.

Cricket is not everything, absolutely not, but it’s a big part of what I am. MS Dhoni

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