how to dribble a basketballDribbling is how a player moves the basketball without passing. It is core to basketball. It gives a player the chance for an easy shot attempt or pass the ball to another player. It is the easiest part of the game to learn, but requires some basic instructions. Use the following tips to learn how to dribble basketball.

  1. Dribble with your pads and fingertips of your hands. Keep the head up and avoid looking at the ball while dribbling.
  2. Spread your fingers and flex your wrists. Ensure that the legs are bent, but your back is straight. Prepare to move quickly and push the basketball down, but lightly.
  3. Keep the ball near the ground as much as possible such that it has less distance to move. Pull the elbow close to your body and make a dribble away from the opponent. Positioning the elbow makes it harder for the opponent to take away the basketball from you.
  4. Run quickly and at the same time make several dribbles. Make the dribbles in front of you and about waist high with the hand positioned at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground. The faster you run the better while keeping the basketball in front of you.
  5. Lean forward and push the ball the ball more to the front than to the sides. If you dribble the ball at either of the sides, you will run past the dribble or be slow. Let the dribble be a little higher and control it between the waist and knee area. This step helps execute the speed dribble properly.
  6. Try changing directions of the dribble by pushing the ball between your hands. While in front of you, bounce the ball from the right hand to the left and back. Keep the dribbles low and perform them quickly. A slow dribble can be easily taken away by the opponent. This forms part of the basics of a crossover dribble.

The above tips provide the basics of learning how to dribble basketball. Of importance is to remember to dribble with eyes up, with control and with a purpose.

You can have a look at the video below to learn better how to dribble basketball better



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